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Welcome to our site that has been updated to show our new products and help you with the effort to raise funds (we will fundraise on your behalf) to donate to Susan G Komen for the Cure or your research choice.

I am a survivor since 2005. In the Spring of 2005 my annual mammogram showed the usual fibrous breasts they find every year. That year they felt additional images were needed so an ultrasound concluded that a needle biopsy was needed. That showed a malignant tumor. I was fortunate in that a lumpectomy was performed and clear margins were achieved. Four months of Chemotherapy and 6 weeks of Radiation has given me a clean bill of health for over 7 years now.

Let us help the children of the future think of Breast Cancer the way this generation thinks of Polio; we only read about it in books.

You can purchase individual shirts for yourself, a friend or your family or I can supply large numbers of shirts for your group to hold their own Breast Cancer fundraiser. Contact me at savetheboobiescny@gmail.com for information about that. Fundraisers to consider are benefits for breast cancer patients fighting to maintain a normal life when insurance money can’t cover all costs. Do you have a licensed group that requires a community service function? Dell the shirts and send the profits to one of the above foundations in your group name.

give a save the boobies gift!

Please support Breast Cancer awareness and education by proudly showing that we can “Save the Boobies”!! Help us fine a cure and purchase one today.

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